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[Intro: Sample]
"I'm never gonna run out on you ever again. Say the words."
"My coat."
"Well, I ain't ever gonna run out on you, and that's a promise."
"Well, I want to run out of here, so-"

[Verse: Brennan Savage]
Everybody told me, "Keep on going"
But I can't go without you
People keep telling me to keep on looking
But I can't see without you
I don't wanna die while my momma alive
Because she can't be alone
I just want to tell you the way I feel
But now I can't 'cause you're gone
We were so young in a world so cold
Why do some die young, while the rest grow old?
I would trade my life if it meant you'd return
To send you to heaven, in hell, I would burn for you
The tears grow long while I write this song
Never thought a month would feel this long
My friend, will I ever find peace again?
I don't know, show me a sign if you can
[Chorus: Brennan Savage]
I'm holding on
To the memories that I have
When we were young
They were the best times I ever had

[Outro: Erin Reus]
You taught me, that home's not just a house
I've been so homesick for you darling
"Hey, I got something to show you"You might also like

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