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BRENNAN SAVAGE - Poison (feat. Saphir)

[Intro: Brennan Savage]
Nobody loves me for the way I am
But I can’t change ‘cause that’s the way I be
She never wanted to hold my hand
She said it’s obvious but not to me
I’ve been trying all night to call you
But you never answer the phone
I’ve been waiting all night to see you
Now I’m finna go back home

[Verse: Brennan Savage]
I remember all the time we used to spend on the road
I remember how you said you’d turn my heart into cold
Can’t forget the way you looked at me when you were down
It would only take a second to turn a smile to a frown
Seems like a lifetime ago
I was standing in the rain outside in the cold
I was standing on the corner when I walked into the road
Got a hit from the side
When I died it was slow

I’ll die slow
Keeping my eyes closed
I’ll die slow
I’m holding my eyes closed
I’ll die slow
They want me to die slow, but I won’t

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