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I've been wasting so much time
Just tryin' to find my way back home
Now I'm losin' so much
Friends they all pretend like I don't know
They wanna use you
Then they accuse you
You in the wrong when you're not
I'll make a difference
I go the distance, giving it all that I got

Should I try to lift my head
Do I try to save my strength
Do I dare to waste my breath
Would you care to feel my pain
Will I have a second chance
Do I get to try again
We don't have enough time left
But I'm gonna do the best I can
Haven't we been here once before
I seen it in a dream, but it feels so real
Tell me if you hear what I'm tryna say
I can tell right away that you feel it
It's a lonely world when you lose the trust
Of the only girl that you ever loved
Hold me closer till I feel warm again

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