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Shit, come on, you like it, motherfucka
Ya dig?
(Ayy, ayy) Ayy (Ayy), ayy
Yeah, ayy, yeah (Huh?)

I don't wanna have sex, bitch
I'm only here for the neck
Give me your social security number
So I run it up and I'll leave you in debt
Hittin' on my beard with a razor, yeah
I'm cuttin' up like Gillette (Lil' Harse)
She seen me once and when she caught a whiff of me
Lil' bitch, I'll never forget (Woo), alright, yeah
Wonderin', who could it be? (Who could it be?)
It's me off a Perc' and I'm falling asleep (Woo, woo)
Still fall in love with a bitch (Huh?)
I fell in love with the money I made on the street (Yeah, yeah)
You know how cold it could be (Yeah)
Under my belly I'm tuckin' my heat (Tuckin' my heat)
He saw Jon Snow at the mall, he was shoppin'
My fans took a pic with him, thought it was me, huh?
Bighead, nah, won't fold (Won't fold)
And my shooters ain't worried' 'bout growin' old
Rattlesnake hoes stone cold (Stone cold)
White bitch with me sniffin' that Post Malone
Might pour a lil' four for the background (Yeah)
Got trees on trees like a campground (Trap)
Send fifty-six babies in a Greyhound
You know, the larger the risk, the bigger the payout (Bitch!)
Only the real ones stay down
This couch cost more than the car that you pay now (Huh?)
Y'all don't even know who to blame now
That's why your bitch wanna fuck on me and the gang now
I get the profit and dip, I don't hang out
Look like John Wick when I'm bringin' them things out
I break the back off a bitch 'til it gives out
Everyone gangsta 'til choppers get whipped out
Huh? Damn, yeah
Everyone gangsta 'til choppers get whipped out
Ya dig? (Lil Harse)
Look like John Wick when I'm bringin' them things out (Lil Harse)You might also like

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