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Avery Watts - Right Now

We've broken down the walls tonight
No longer are we trapped inside
We've all seen the rising tide
The writing on the wall has kept us alive

But now has come the time to attack
To even the score, bring the balance back
Our plan set, the blueprints burned
We're on our way to claim what we have earned

These our words, this our song:
We have but one another, I rely on you my brother
We take this vow, to show the world how

The future is in our hands...

Right now
This is the hour
Right now
We have the power
Right now
No more lies. This is the moment, the bold now rise

Right now
This is the hour
Right now
Now we have the power
Right now
No time to wait around, 'cause this is your life right now

[Verse 2:]
As we march to the gates
Revolution about to take place
A call heard; the signal's made
The mortar blasts away as we invade

Judgment Day has finally arrived
This is for the ones who barely survived
We're not afraid to stand for what's right
And this definitely isn't going down without a fight

(Pre- break down)
We've had enough
We're calling your bluff
Hands in the air...
Stick 'em up

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