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Avery Watts - Our World (Instrumental)

(Verse 1)
This is the real deal not a test
Now society is calling out an SOS
Get down on the ground; put the earth to your ear
You feel that sound? That's revolution you hear

Welcome to the greatest battle of all time
We've just officially been targeted by our own kind
The time has arrived now were sounding the alarm
Man up, grab your loved ones, get everybody armed
Prime all the triggers and try to remain calm
As we gather all the weapons and prepare the bomb
Now we got it on lockdown, we're ready to go
Get on the radio, send it out, let everybody know

The threat is getting closer, the sky's turning gray
It's right on the horizon, today is the day
It's within the city limits rolling fast like a mist
Now were caught up in the midst, this is it:
The Apocalypse

Since the very beginning of mankind
In every generation, every era in time
There has always come an instant where we must define
Who we are as a people when we must cross the line

This is that moment, now you're gonna find
Exactly what you're really made of inside
When comes right down to it what you gonna choose to
Proudly hold your ground or just lie down and lose?

The brave at the frontlines, ready for war
The enemy approaching outside the door
Dust off your voice box, time to be heard
And as the gate drops
We'll be screaming these words:
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This is Our World, Our Streets, Our War
Our Lives - This is what we fight for
Our Choice - to make the wrong things right with
Our Voice - We bring day to the night

This is Our World, Our Streets, Our War
Our Lives - This is what we fight for
Our Choice - We're the voice of the globe
Turn up the volume so everybody knows
This is Our World

(Post Chorus 1)
Ladies and gentlemen: May we please have your undivided
Attention as our featured guest speaker now takes the stage...

(Verse 2)
Camaraderie is an oddity now in this age
Silence becomes violence when it's mixed with rage
Tragedies and death; they say it's all a phase
Society lying to me:
It's on the front page

Homicides, genocides, can't run the streets
If you saggin' and you flaggin' it's cold; you keep heat
I understand your plan; be strong not weak
My gut feelin' is this killin' goin' make us obsolete
Let's defy not rely on negativity
We gotta makeover, takeover these communities
Analyze, capitalize, opportunities
Speaking of change ain't strange - it all starts
With me and you. So what you gonna do?
Close your eyes and just glide 'till your life it through?
We've got work to do. We're gonna start - know how?
By saying these words right here
Right Now!

(Post Chorus 2)
You gonna stand by and just let somebody run your life?
You gonna let somebody tell you what to do?
This is your world; You make the rules, you make the difference...

(Verse 3)
You think one man don't make a difference, think again
Cause I just started an army picking up a pen

This begins a global collaboration
To take the whole world and make but one nation
This ain't no imitation what you hearing is elite
That's why everything stops when you hear us speak

Oh! Back to the mission at hand, we've got a plan
Take the message that were sending and spread it across the land

It's in black and white, it's been written, been read
Now let every single syllable settle into your head

As it slowly resonates from your mind to your feet
We'll make the earthquake from stomping this beat

'Cause if you're hearing this right now the battles been won
It's spreading my friend, The Takeover Has Begun

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