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Avery Watts - A Cut Above (Instrumental)

Here's what it looks like (Looks like)
Being the best
What it looks like, to be a cut above the rest

(Verse 1)
Nobody understands what it takes to be the man
Having every single person say you can't when you can
To give up everything you've ever known for a dream
And never stop the fight no matter how hard it seems
You sacrifice, you bleed, you sweat, and you cry
Doing everything you can not to lay down and die
When you fall and you call out; there's no one to help
So you've got no other option but to pick up yourself

At the end of the battle you're the only one standing
Everyone watching, the stage you're commanding
The pages of history will speak of today
And when they talk about the champion
This is what they'll say:

(Verse 2)
People will break you right down to nothing if you let 'em
They say, "There's a million others like you, what makes you better?"
But remember that these folks are afraid of the unknown
They're the ones who wet the bed if they go 10 miles from home

"Stay Down!" is what they scream in your ear
The only weapon that they have to use is fear
So you take all the beatings and you take all the hits
But your back on your feet for more, you don't quit

You'll never back down, never stop, never pause
Never give up, never sacrifice the cause
This is your life, you gonna let somebody take it?
Look in the mirror: That's all you need to make it
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The smoke has all cleared, and you own the thrown
You're king of the castle, and everybody knows
They bow in your presence, and fear your might
Cause they know for damn sure what it, what it..

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