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Aurora - The River

[Verse 1]
Hold your hands up to your chest
And tell me what you find
Out of you, a sparrow comes
And sees without its eyes

Don't forget who you are even though you are hurt
You are caught in a wire and soon it will burst

You can cry, drinking your eyes
Do you miss the sadness when it is gone? (Gone)
And you let the river run wild (Gone)
And you let the river run wild

[Verse 2]
I'm a shadow, I am cold
And now I seek for warmth
Stitch your skin onto my skin
And we won't be alone

Don't forget who you are even though you're in need
Like a bird in the night, your emotions deserves to be freed

"The River" is the seventeenth single released by AURORA and the third single from A Different Kind of Human - Step 2. On May 10, 2019, the song was officially released worldwide. The song centers around people hiding or holding back their emotions because of the stigma surrounding being open, and fearing coming across as being weak. It talks about how letting our emotions out into the world proves that we are human and forms a part of what makes us human (being able to feel feelings and have emotions) and how sometimes letting them out can make you feel so much better afterward. "It’s quite a happy song… it’s been a while since I’ve had a joyful song so it feels very nice. It was inspired by something quite sad as I looked at the suicide rates on this planet and apparently 73% of them were men and then I thought, why is that the case? Then I realized, obviously, it must be because of the feeling that you can’t talk about your emotions and show that you’re in pain because pain is often associated with weakness but you know, here in my world it’s not, so the song is inspired by something quite sad but it is also happy because crying can be such a positive experience, especially afterwards when you actually feel a bit lighter. It’s about that feeling to let off some steam as they say here in England." - AURORA

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