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August Burns Red - Dismembered Memory

Take care of the care taker
Say these words before you meet your maker
Take care of the care taker

[Verse 1]
This catastrophe
Has been years in the making
They saw the advantage
You were there for the taking

Carry the guilt
Of letting a loved one down (One down)
We're all holding the burden
Of watching you fall (You fall)
This won't be your final curtain call
Trusted they were safe in your hands
Your oath be damned
Just another hypocrite's plan
Your oath be damned

[Verse 2]
The lows feel like days
The highs escape in minutes (Minutes)
Go back to when everything was clear
The act of waking up didn't instill fear
This is a conflict you can conquer
It’s just mind over matter
The reality of the situation
This may take some meditation
You'll need some help to figure out this equation
And find out why things aren't lining up inside
Your internal clock isn't winding right
The pressure is building
It's more than you can take

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