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Artist vs. Poet - Damn Rough Night

It's gonna be a damn rough night
For the designated driver
'Cause it's me and whoever
And you know we won't remember

Sorry for what I'm 'bout to do
Turning 21 is a bitch to go through

Before we take a drink, let's toast
To the 'never have I ever's'
'Cause tonight is the night
That we'll talk about forever

So take my keys and hide my cell phone
If I turn into trouble, at least I warned you

Let's recap and get caught up
No one said enough's enough
I let go the better part of me

I guess I had a damn rough night
I'm still piecing it together
There's a girl in my bed
And I haven't even met her

I had a damn rough night
And I can't even remember
Threw my clothes in the fire
And I turned into a streaker

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