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Armand Hammer - Sweet Mickey

[Verse: Elucid]
Let me get y'all together
Spread 'em burrata mozzarella
Nothing that you could tell 'em
Rockabye God, golliwog, folly mask off
Somali tees, squad deep save our streets
Hardly zonked
Percy sledge with the gnarly conch
Lost my lunch early
Bacardi in sicario's Ferrari once
Arty lumps
Built for comfort not for speed
Spark the skunk
Regard the breeze, blow out carbon, hard to keep
It's square but it's a green flow, spiral like, leaves from the trees
Off the forest like shopping bags whipping in the breeze
Urban green spaces
We raise a lion in the east
Burn what we do away with
Wetsuit on this wavelength
Baby, base ten, wait here
Scrape slim, soldier rag on the puncture wound
Deep maroon, speak deceit get your tongue removed
Get the Jeep, send you to your room
So who or whom it may concern
Wait your turn
There'll be a love offering after the sermon, dig deep
Bless the word
It was first, before Earth there was black
Melchizedek face tats on his back
Don't get gas
The ancient of days
Escape for a slave
Roots unrestrained
Straight through the swamps
Burrowed a cave
Drip the maniac, delayed react
Let me process how you fake adapts
That's on the board in the year of our lord
Weapons of war
The proof is our nuke
Banish the law
We only distort
Right up the court
We call a system
Algorithm that applies pressure to achieve desired results
Permutation and long division
Pearly gates and dystopic visions
Call my niggas, it's the great commission
Forevermore for truer living
Bless the mamas locked behind the prison

Without blood there is no cause
Without blood
G-u-e-r-i-l-l-a x4

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