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Ariana Grande - shut up

[Verse 1]
My presence sweet and my aura bright
Diamonds good for my appetite
Guess it fuckin' just clicked one night
All them demons helped me see shit differently
So don't be sad for me

How you been spending your time? (How?)
How you be using your tongue? (How?)
You be so worried 'bout mine (Mine)
Can't even get yourself none
You know you sound so dumb (So dumb, so dumb)
You know you sound so dumb (So dumb)

So maybe you should shut up, mmm
Yeah, maybe you should shut up
Said if only you would shut up (Mmm)
Yeah, that's right, you should shut up (Ah)

[Verse 2]
I vibrate high and my circle lit
We ain't really with drugs and shit
Love the game so I ain't nevеr miss
Keep opinions muted for the hell of it
'Causе I like my shit (Mmm, yep)

"shut up" serves as the opening track to Ariana Grande's sixth studio album "Positions". On it, she gives an update on how she has been feeling since her last album and aims at her critics on the chorus. Its instrumental features orchestral strings and layered vocals, which combine for a cinematic opener.