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Architects - Outsider Heart

I close my eyes and take a deep breath,
Try to find my place in this.
Digging teeth into the hand that feeds,
So inhuman, I'm surprised you bleed.
Cutting teeth, fading belief.
Flip the switch and drag me in.
When they've had their way,
I doubt I'll even dream.
Stray from the path and you're on your own.
Lightening strikes in the unknown.
The view from here, even the blind would see,
That none of us were ever free.
I'll be the lines in-between,
The ones that tell you what you want and need.
I am only rust on the machine,
Amber corrosion.
The loudest truth you never heard,
A silent explosion.
Take my head from the clouds,
Lift my feet from the ground,
Last note dies, they don't make a sound.
Behind The Throne
Sowing the seeds.
Roots dig deep, whilst we sleep.
Snakes in veins, valves decay.
All of the meaningless words we say.
Cast the first stone, from behind the throne.
Crown of thorns, now overgrown.
All our wants and needs, bring us to our knees.
Can't turn back now the seeds are sown.
Seven billion, one of a kind.
Collide together, intertwined.
National lines used to define,
Where we draw the enemy lines.
Weapons aren't used in this war.
Wait for the fallout from this absence of thought.
All the things we can't afford to ignore.
The sun doesn't shine anymore.

Featuring Drew York from Stray From The Path.

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