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Anti-Flag - I'd Tell You But...

Your invasion was a crime
Your righteous explanations - lies
Kicking in our doors, raids at night
Won't win you hearts, you've lost your minds
Your killing of my family
Did not make a fan out of me
If this is what your freedom reaps
Keep it for your United States
I'd tell you all these things but I can't speak because...

I'm dead, I'm dead
My life is life no more
I'm dead, I'm dead
Your bullets cut into my flesh
Woah oh, woah oh, woah oh

I loved to read, write poetry
I loved my friends, my family
I loved the sand and loved the sea
The water splashing over me
Now I will haunt you in your dreams
Never another restful sleep
I'll forever be by your side
In life your victim, death your bride
My memory will haunt you when you're awake or asleep because...

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