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Anna McClellan - Pace of the Universe

Gotta take it slow
Gotta see how I feel first
Moving at the pace of the universe

It's been said that eyes are windows to the soul
When I look directly into yours I have no control
I attempt to let go of everything I think I know
I just wanna be with you

Can we ponder all of life's complexities?
So much guilt and shame I have trouble being at ease
I don't wanna small talk anymore
When I ask you how you are let's go straight to the core
No sense in saving face
I know you're fucked up like the rеst of the human race

And oh, the darknеss, it spills out from all sides
Barely held by stacks and stacks of lies
There's no end to the pain
Let's share in our collective agony

Nothing happens all at once
Listening to birds chirp with the backdrop of the setting sun
Another day we'll have to build upon the work begun
Long before a time I can perceive
Let's phase out all this deceit
Find something real to believeYou might also like

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