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Anna McClellan - Let's Be Quiet

That you love me, it's the only thing I need
I'm on my knees begging for the life you heed
And I know that you may never believe me
I know that I may be contantly a lie
But I can still try

You were made to be the only one I've ever seen
You look so damn good in a pair of jeans
And I like that
Yeah I like you
Your head held high waving like a flag
And your feet on the ground
And your resting hands
There's no where else to go
Nothing else to be done
I'll stare in your eyes as this realization
That I'm happy
To be silent
In your arms babe
Let's be quiet

Calculating life
Be gone and out of my sight
That's right, you don't know you won't ever know
You can't know you can't ever know what you areYou might also like

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