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Anna McClellan - Holding on Too Tight

I'm not sure, I'm not sure where it began
But I'll hold your hand
Make it through everything we can
But I, what I really wanna know is if how I feel
Is only in my head or is it real

Some of the time
I stay up all night hoping I am in your sight
And we will be everything I could have imagined
I stand taller now and listen to the wind
Listen closely, love you only
Sad all my days have been and maybe I won't be lonely
Something hurts me deep down inside
Why don't I know the way to your heart?
I can't shake that thought of you
Wanting me as bad as I do you
Wanting you

Oh, but did you even notice me?
I'm over here holding on to the idea that our love is holy
Did I fabricate this? Will I always be lonely?
Holding my ideas only
Holding myself onlyYou might also like

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