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Anna McClellan - Heart of Hearts

Oh baby, in my heart of hearts
The beat of this croaky sound goes
Thumping through my arteries
Smoke drifts through the floorboards

I'm cracking jokes
Feeling the pulse of the party
We're coming up roses
Lightning bugs and half-done sketched-up songs
Nothing's wrong
Oh baby, in my mind of minds
I'm a notepad in your pocket
And in my life of lives
This is the best day I've ever had

And if you want to
Learn about my heart of hearts
I'll tell you what it is
I'll show you where it starts

So much of my time spent
Concerned with something else
That doesn't really count
We all feel the weight of
A system that is rigged
Forced to act in spite

And in my dreams of dreams
Smoke drifts in and out of light
I hit the pillow
Same way I do every night
I'm talking about harmony
I keep with it
I'm talking about harmony
I keep with itYou might also like

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