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American Head Charge - Seamless

Stink filled spasms
Deep in a colostomy bag
I like being trapped inside
The plastics wearing out
Red and perfect her legs
Spread out in front of me
They're so open they make me sweat
Its my lubrication
Recent findings say
Circumcise the abstinent
Make it hard for them to breathe
I like to make you lie
Dropped and so ill
Steeped in my mysogeny
My shaking hands are in the skin
Ive gone too far too soon
You look so seamless now
She stared at me
Thinking I was sweet to it
Her legs tied apart for me
It feels so good inside
Now Im thinking
Whos this that lies under me
Needs a piece of my respect
You make me so sick Im
Crawling broken my face is
Cringing to see
Figures drawn inside of me
Succumb [3x]
Sickness fittings
Procured this fascist medium
But know Im laughing in your face
You lie [3x]
You look so seamless now
Take me
Take my life

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