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Ameer Vann - Keep Your Distance

It don't be [?] on the daily
Ain't gon' be the same when I got my baby
I won't be the same when I got my therapy
Ain't gon' pray to God when I go to therapy

[Verse 1]
I don't like none of y'all niggas
Talking 'bout guns, you ain't shot none of them bitches
All I want: hundreds and fifties
Pray I don't be the defendant 'cause niggas be telling
Nah, it ain't none of my business
Took a lil' break; now, it's right back to the business
Smoke and I float through the ceiling
Way above all of these niggas
Shawty got class, say she gon' fuck with a nigga
I really don't fuck with a nigga
Say he want beef? Wish good luck to the nigga
I don't get up for a million, need at least five
Then we can talk about business, I feed an army of niggas
I'll get your momma to kill you, I know the cost of the business
It ain't no heart in these niggas, it ain't no truth in them lyrics
It ain't no truth, you can feel it, it ain't no truth in you niggas
Shepherd messiah, gotta reach higher to see me, diamonds is shinin'
Wonder if Stevie can see me, I'll turn your garden to Eden
I get my weed from a demon, I'm smokin' with Jesus
I'll make the devil believe it, I ain't got friends for a reason

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