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Ambleside - Tired Eyes

Not so often now do I feel the cold that’s so familiar,
Come creeping back on lonely nights.
It feels as if I’m slowly taking control.
But then again, who knows?
Am I even in control?

Over and over again,
Why is it that when I’m moving forward,
I’m pulled into the wrong direction?
As I lose myself, I start to trace my steps.
I can’t do this again.

I’m fucking sick of feeling like I need to prove myself,
What is it that I’m even trying to prove?
I need some closure, I need to move forward.
I need to prove to myself I’m not that fragile boy I once was.

But your name is pulling me down.
With the weight of four years, pulling me down.
I thought I was past this.
But surely, I’m not so sure.
I thought I was past this.
I thought I was past this.

I want to throw it away, but it can’t end this way.
I thought I’d broken these chains, but it will always remain.
Now rest my tired eyes.
I need a rest from my fucking mind.

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