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Alec Benjamin - Steve

[Verse 1]
I know the Bible isn't perfect
'Cause it left one person out
There was Adam, there was Eve
And there was someone else around
Yeah, I think his name was Steve
And he was passing through town
When he heard a snake a-whispering
To Adam in the garden
"Take the fruit, it's good for you"
Steve said, "I beg your pardon
I know it's not my business
But will you just hear me out"

He said, "I wouldn't lie
You should not go to that tree
The serpent knows the apple grows from a forbidden seed
Oh, you want what you can't have
But you've got all the things you need"
There was Adam, there was Eve, and there was Steve

He said, "Adam, don't be fooled by the snake
Don't risk it all for a taste
Oh, what a waste
To have everything and give it all away"

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