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Al Green - What's It All About

Why don't you tell me what's on your mind?
Seems you're not the girl you used to be
What is it, baby, have you grown tired of me?
What's it all about?

Listen, when we're alone it's not the same
I hold you close, yet you're so far away
You never seem to hear what I say
What's it all about, baby?

You don't have to lie
You don't have to hide
The feeling you have
For another guy

If there is someone closer to you
I'll be content with yesterday's memories
Honey, just say the word and we'll go our separate ways
What's it all about?

What's on your mind, I gotta know
Somebody tell me, baby
I wanna know what it's all about
What's on your mind
I gotta know, yeah yeah
Somebody tell me what it's all aboutYou might also like

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