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Al Green - I'm Reachin' Out

I can hear you talking so far away
Can't quite understand it, don't know what to say
Looking around like a Roman scout
I know it's your love baby, turn it all about

You got me reachin' out
Everyday, baby
Baby got me reachin' baby, reachin' out

I'm in the dark and I can't see
Your love, baby, has blindfold me
Holding out my hand because the lights are out
Now walk up closer, baby, feeling all about
You got me reachin' every day now
You got me reachin' in the morning
You got me reachin', baby
Reachin', reachin'
Reachin', reachin'
Reachin', reachin'
Reachin' for you babyYou might also like

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