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Akai Solo - The Weakest Crest

No derivatives
No additional text
Forge the sword out of a wrench
Strongest mage in the sect
Parting thunder clouds with the weakest crest
Morgins rims, got grins
Strangest ocurrance secure categories blurred
Terms get overwritten like cybercity circuit boards
Clapped at the opening
Overrun by the entrees and entrances
Peace to people I actually know (yo)
My enthusiasm allure copies
Slipping out back quarter four with the treasure undetected like a looping proxy
I think I got that in another bag
If it's personal then it deserves a pouch, copy
How you gone lil bro him when he let you sleep on his couch
Niggas live and die you get air fried by a whole coast?
Then compromise it all with one clip
Late night bet dialing, somebody's sandwich getting chopped in correctly (aww shit)
If that was acquiring range
Then this is maximizing space
I took a dot and made a moon out of it
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