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Akai Solo - Ruin On My Watch

[Intro: Red Foxx]
You've got to watch your ass. You folks up there with binoculars, buy one of these albums and mail it to your home anonymously. Now, if the postman brings two albums, then both of y'all wash your ass

Yo, check
I inspect footage what
The reasoning behind your points is not stacking
Why your legacies and marks lacking?
Is it because you lack focus? Is [?] truly that atrocious
Altruism a phantasm
The physical construction always runs into entries unconditional
Anything's a rarity
So why I mishandle the love when that shit's revealed to me
Insecurities is compromising my best parts
My [?] feats
Try and deal with shorty postin' picks
Progress in motion, save file collecting dust
You look better off facing the camеra instead of in front of my face
Don't worry about my spoils, yo, I'm still procuring those
Flowеr scented incense serenade the nostrils
Severely less hostile
No frontin' bout who getting up, no
Nigga, I got you
Niggas [?] tappin' in, thrice is throrough
Every time the ground greet me hard
Dreams tease me with images of thriving harder
All I had was kush, had to crowd source the rest of the operation
Dogs possessive and excessive with incessant barking
I couldn't tell you twice, the incorrect tree to bark up
You way better off simply sparking
Y'all 'bout as useless as caucuses
Or the excuses for power and balance from a Caucasian is
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