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Akai Solo - Red Waves

Grip, yo
Don't succumb to the waves of these graves
Sight and mind won't visit 'em
Flow over checkers, each bar's a triple decker
Fast, I travel light
My ego's trap food
Yo, one MC plus another
That's two bodies in the back of a coupe
Whole hood, need to dress down, go follow suit
Hayama with aromas, Sōma with the grit
Get cooked up in a coma [?] with the shoebox top
Maneuver like Keanu in the movies
You not wild [?]
You could evolve every night, nobody even notice
Coulda never noticed any type of you
What's a baseline without a proper survey
A beat with no bass
A school without class
Cans without bags in 'em
A spliff without gettin' me fast
I be diggin' into self
Mad hoes in the dirt
Earth be lookin' like my shirts
Not one shovel, I'm not the one to grovel
I'm no role model, [?]
My eyes go straight through my idols, true
I said [?]
My eyes go straight through my idols, true
That's a fact, 1-800 ww.facts
Whoa copter
Take the what and set the what?
Call your mother
1-800-YOURMOTHERLOVESYOUYou might also like

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