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Akai Solo - Demonslayer

Tanjirou Demonslayer flame to the dank
Even when my mind tanks
Tentative, we thinkin' already sank
Wasted off my own inhibitors
Don't even need a drink
Relinquish tickets to my fam
I'm already golden to my shorty
Watch the verdict from my mans
Before the fecal matter hit the fan
Scram, rare like the band or the banshee
Kick your cap off the edge with the sky watching
Fuck your plan B
Planetary watchers watch often
Action implored more
We planted at the valley
Sadnеss evoked
From sights you hate to see
Your train linе of thought is hella narrow
Man I'm dubbin' that an alleyway
Niggas tried locking me in
I lock picked the other way
Break the brigade and the bracket and the brain fast
Break it all down in person in your face
Forgot your name, fam
Try your best not to die or take it personal nigga
If they push you maybe you deserved to get pushed my nigga, uh
Catch me at the skirmish lurkin'
Spitting something fancy curbside
With the curvature like cursive
These niggas eager
I'ma eagle in need of four eyes
I took the nosedive
Shorty greet me I'm catching a nosebleed
Oh my, niggas spot me then move like Bo Peeps
Your whole gang full of cringing creeps
Reaching in for rewards you're not earnin'
You wanna reach out but, you uncertain
Take a breath then burn the curtain
Or turn, tailspin
That's the difference between your kin and shin
You waking up disappointed
You still not him, the boy still got it
Couldn't have lost it even if I discarded it
You done already whilst I'm still joustin'
Still doin' shit
Still dodging Donny's donut catchers and dunces
Not being done in by this vital shit
Dread is not all there is
Glory be to getting ahead
I got butter for all of my brothers' bread
Shorty putting mad love on my head
Niggas thinking they ready
Sike, nigga you dead
Niggas thinking they ready
Sike, nigga you dead
Niggas thinking they ready
Sike, nigga you—You might also like

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