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Adhesive - On a Pedestal

There's no limit to the riches I want to see.
I met this man, he said he would do anything for me.
I was a little nervous, but I went there anyway.
I never guessed that he would smile at me and say:

Hello, I welcome you into my humble store.
I've got lots of merchandise, I've got everything and more.
Today we have a sale on welfare, an offer you can't ignore.
It will put you on a pedestal, separate you from the poor.

His ice-cold heart and smiling face in perfect symmetry.
His gratitude increased, as I bought my destiny.
His smiling mask fell off, I saw the horns upon his head.
I won't forget the moment when he laughed at me and said:

Hello, I welcome you...

I guess you'll say stupidity isn't easily measured,
But my degradation was unbearable.

Hello, I welcome you...

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