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Adelitas Way - Still Hungry

I'm still hungry
I'm still hungry
I'm still hungry
(I'm still hungry)
(I'm still hungry)

[Verse 1]
I chew 'em up, I spit 'em out
I use the bones to clean my mouth
It gets me high, I'm out for blood
Sometimes a taste just ain't enough

You think this a game to me?
It's just another day?
Famine or feast, can't cage the beast
There ain't no stoppin' me

I can feel my heart beat out my chest
You know that I would die for this
I'm gonna live my life with no regrets
Just wanna have a life for this
Don't count me out 'cause I let you down
Ain't in it for the fame
Ain't in it for the money
And I will do whatever it takes
I'm still hungry

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