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Action Bronson - Tear Away Shorts

Hey Paulo, fix him a little midimozaguli
And put some struzzi on it

[Intro: Action Bronson]
Straight up
I fucking tested positive for GH twice
Fuck it, we out here, ah

[Verse: Action Bronson]
The falcon feather 250 got me looking like Lorenzo Lamas
Long trench, shotty in it, at least I'm honest
Six flips into the whip like a Russian gymnast
The tear away shorts, it's back to business
Catch me up at Caesar's Palace raking up
Take the paper in the morning, cop a bacon truck, yup
Turn the wheel like a new leaf
I'll have your mother naked cooking stew beef
My back is strong like a retarded horse
We take the charter of course
Hard decisions in my life, what should I drive today, Impala or Porsche?
On some McGyver shit
While it's moving, dive into the forest
I chill with bitches that play ball, shoot dice
Play the roof tops on cool nights rocking some new flights
Box cutter carriers I'll marry ya
Black 740 be the chariot, I'm arrogant