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Action Bronson - Hound Dog

DoG dnuof reven ev'I
DoG dnuof reven ev’I
DeirF nworC a fo wodniw eht hguorht ti evird I
Esion duol a sekam oramaC kcalb ehT
Kcab ym no seffarig xis htiW
Ruopnwod a ni selim derdnuh a nur
God dnuoh a tsuj m'I ,rekcufrehtoM
No tah a tsuj ,dekan-ssa sgurd gnikomS
Esroh kcart eekorehC degrahcrepuS
Rekcufrehtom ,obruT eht sulp ollirdocoC lE
LigriV ton si sihT
'nimaercs srekcufrehtoM
Niatruc eht hguorht thgir tsuB
Bust right through the curtain (Uh)
Motherfuckers screamin’ (Ah)
This is not Virgil (No)
This El Cocodrillo plus the Turbo (Yeah)
Supercharged Cherokee track horse (Uh)
Smoking drugs ass-naked, just a hat on (Uh)
Bitch, I'm just a hound dog
Run a hundred miles in a downpour
With six giraffes on my back (Uh-huh)
Yeah, you know how I gеt down, boy (Uh-huh)
The black Camaro make a loud noise (Vroom)
Drivе it through the window of the Crown Fried
I've never found God

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