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Ace Hood - We Ball

Visions of my past, I seen delight in love
Frequency was low, I had to rise above
Searching deep inside, I think I found the plug
Take me as I am if for not who I was
Let's pick up ourselves and we put down the guns
Let's uplift our women, they the chosen ones
Hope I get my flowers 'fore my day'll come
This that typa truth to make your body numb
I don't know why, don't know why, don't know why
Why must we steal, must we hate, must we lie?
People they oppress, they depressed out their mind

Dearly beloved, I was made for this, damn
I worked them nights just like a slave for this, yuh
Giving all my love and all my pain for this
It ain't no game with this
I'm in my lane
I'm not in a tank 'cause they ain't saying shit
I'm in my bag and I'm gon' spaz in case you do forget
Yeah, he cool and they ok but can't compare to this
I'm on my exodus, black is excellence
Speak my testament, check off my bucket list
Know what time it is, my whole body chill
My life super real, blessings too familiar
Switching my ways to better my days
I found me a queen, the one of my dreams
I'm living on high, outta the cage
Outta the shell, into myself
Living the life, living in health
Living in God, building the wealth
Niggas who pity party on the boulevard
And they gon' switch up on you when you step
Niggas'll take, take, take, take
They'll take it all till there's nothing left
I done seen home boys with they straight face
Pissed off 'cause it ain't them
Losing your focus, you hitting the rim
I'm in the studio, I'm in the gym
I got the F on the top of the brim
I'm on a level opposite of them
I'm the front of hunned dollar tip
I got no chains on in the vip
I like the round bottoms with the hips
I got a humble vibe but I'm him
I got a hunned loading in the crib
I got some more stored in the whip

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