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Ab-Soul - Hunnid Stax (Feat. ScHoolboy Q)

[Intro: Ab-Soul]
Money is the anthem
People treat you real nice when you got fifty dollar drawers on
(Get money, fuck bitches)
I'm trying man (Get it)
(Fuck bitches, get money, get money)
Ugh! (Doeburger!)

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Who gettin' that dough? (Dough)
Who gettin' that cake? (Cake)
Who gettin' that bread?
Put a ticket on your head if you can't relate ('Late)
Who gettin' that fetti? (Fetti)
Who gettin' that cheese? (Cheese)
You know I gotta eat (Eat)
You know I gotta eat! (Eat)
Who gettin' that paper? (Paper)
Who gettin' that guap? (Guap)
Who smokin' that top shelf?
Who gettin' top off top? (Top)
Ain't nothing more important than the mula (Mula)
Who gettin' them commas
Makin' mamas do Kama Sutra (Kama Sutra)
(Money is the—) Ugh, best act like you know
I'm getting them checks, I'm spendin' them checks
THC through TSA, hope my bag don't get checked
Who getting them Benjamins? Spendin' them with executive
Businessman, understand
I'm on fuckin' tour, you on the 10-6 (Ugh!)
I'm reeling in, c—c—c—currency
Won't pass the weed but I'll pass a bitch (Soulo)
My stock rising, you cock-riding
I'm splittin' clits with a money clip (Soulo)
Who gettin' that money? (Money)
Real mothafuckin' money (Money)
That's all I do dawg, got cashed out
Got fucked up, then I passed out

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