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ATLiens - Brainwashed

What is a cult?
What is mind control, what is brainwashing?
Oh, my... my boss brainwashes me
Oh advertising brainwashes me
Uh, the government brainwashes me
There's deception
There's manipulation
How would you know if you were under mind control?

The mind beyond the brain

State of mind
State of mind
Mind [x4]
And the mind beyond the brain

And on the other side, the destructive side
Narcissistic, psychopathological elitist never admits they do anything wrong
Secretive, deceptive
And they want loyalty and they want dependency
And in terms of organizations there needs to be checks and balances
There needs to be individual diversity
And the means actually help to create the ends
To become tranced out
Obedient slaves
How would you know if you were under mind control?
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The mind beyond the brain

Mind [x2]
You were under mind control
State of mind
Mind [x2]
The mind beyond the brain

Your minds are precious, and only you should control your mind

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