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AKTHESAVIOR - Melting Amethyst

Han yeah yeah
Han han yeah yeah
Han han yeah yeah
Han han yeah yeah

[Verse 1: AK]
Throw up my nigga concussion
All of a sudden my heart started pumpin'
Thought I was tough but now I'm thinkin' nothin'
All I remember is couple of punches knocked me unconscious
Cut up in conflict, fuck maturation try overcome it
This shit contagious cold like a glacier
Heaven or hell will be here when I'm wakin' uh
Somethin' been callin' me (Hello?)
Voice in my head keep me up, it be hauntin' me
Me and myself keep me company
I'm just livin' my life what you want from me
If I'm livin' it right it be up to me
Free my mind it's no longer in custody
But the drama just always creep up to me
I don't trust these things so get out my brain

[Hook: AK]
Amethyst stone let it hang
I got the power so I let it bang uh
Quickly departed your gang
Now constant here don't know what to think
Blaze up the chronic I'm stoned like I'm Onix
But still can't escape it I'm just being honest
I'm feeling impatient, feeling temptation
Hearing the whisper so maybe I'm crazy
Uh, maybe I'm crazy I will never settle for nothin' beneath me
Know that my purpose won't surface that easy
You cannot stop what is destined believe me
And for the record I won't be a repeat
Won't follow steps 'cause I know I'm a leader
Parents upset but they know I'ma seize it
Follow my dreams feel awoke when I'm sleepin'

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