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AJ Tracey - Wifey Riddim

Yo, I've got this ting from London
West London, Chelsea, near Kings Road
She don't care about my area code
She's about like she ain't aware of the road
And I know twins from Essex
But one of them wants me bad, I might dead it
I don't wife these tings, I'll stress it
Undress it, I go in when I press it
Melina from Brum's Algerian
She's got bare problems, I ain't hearing 'em
She said: “Baby, my features are yours
And I swear to God, you won't catch me sharing 'em”
Shouts to the girls round the UK, peng
Elle, peng, Yasmin, peng
Do a show with my blood bros
OT, tell a piff ting that “You might see me again”
My lightskin don't miss me
'Cause she hates tracksuits that are shifty
I said: “I wear them 'cause I do road
On my 95s the import's 250”
I got a posh bad ting inna uni
Bollywood like she star in a movie
Her dad's rich, so she's coated in diamonds
Eyes are emeralds and her lipstick's ruby
My close friend, I ain't tryna mash that
But she's a blue foot with a fat backs
LV from her feet to her handbags
But it ain't that so a nigga gotta hang back
All my ex tings still hate me
They're like work at it, love, don't pay me
Hold tight Jess and Chelsea, they're real
Still think Kate's buff, but I don't like Katie
Someone tell Lottie I'mma wife that
Tell her bring her bags round my gaff
Got the game tapped like an iPad
Fly in, fly out when I like, fam
Shae, Shyanne and Tina all fluffy
Faces clean but their minds so dutty
Man are gonna catch me a duppy
Arch their back and give them sick rucky
Girl likes the way that I'm rhyming
Try scratch up my back when I'm piping
Poom, poom fresh up and wet when I'm sliding
Rate that, she's bad with the riding
My girl from Brighton's too pedigree
Doggy that when I'm twist off the Hennessy
She's always Cloud 9 from the lemony
Check that rarely, she got too much energy
Relationships all get sticky
I need a cute ting like Vicky
I was down south with my bloodline Ets
I linked the honeys and the motives got sticky
I've got a peng ting and she's from Tottenham
True say that the ting lives in Tottenham
In her crib, kept chatting about Arsenal
Piped her, now she's chatting about Tottenham
My new ting's just a weed head
Strong like Mia Cortinez
Stay at hers, fam, when I see feds
No foreplay, I fit that like three Zs
I'm new school, no new wave
Real bad, not sweet like toothache
My boys want an old love that I have
Lebanese ting come and grab man in the new shape
Can't step on my Air Ones, are you dumb?
Light man up like soufflé
All my babes all like touché
Gave her dick and that bright red bouquet
I get dark like true say
Flip things in my niz, get smash for the rude face
I'll mash your girl first something like Sunday
Then Zuu, you can be third like Tuesday

This is the first instalment to AJ’s “Wifey Riddim” series of songs, a homage to the classic Rhythm & Grime track “Wifey Riddim” by Tinie Tempah. The first “Wifey Riddim” appeared on his 2015 Album The Front, “Wifey Riddim 2” appeared on his other 2015 album AJ’s Stocking Filler and “Wifey Riddim 3” appeared on his 2019 album AJ Tracey. There is also a popular refix of this song produced by Milktray and Bushido.

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