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About recording the song, Rocky told Complex: "We definitely recorded that shit in some small ass closet. I was getting high. I was high as a kite. On some purple drink, purple weed, shouts to this weed. It just felt so natural. Holy shit. I was in a world where everything was purple. I was just high. Purple lights was everywhere. It was just like, dark room, purple lights. Music blasting. That type of shit. Everything is purple. Swag." A prime example from the young Harlem spitter is this new video for his latest audible titled “Purple Swag”. It’s a song dedicated to the Houston rappers, always rapping about that purple drank (otherwise known as purple lean or codeine syrup). This song samples: “Stay with Me” by Clint Mansell (feat. the Kronos Quartet): The soundtrack from Mortal Kombat 3.

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