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916frosty - birthday party

I've been spending years tryna be my best self
And everytime I tried, I would always need help
They don't really know all the ways that I've felt
They don't know the type of cards I've been dealt
They be mad 'cause they couldn't of get this far
I could smell your lies all the way from a far
I don't want to drive unless I whip a foreign car
I don't want a bitch unless she got a dark heart

Never changed, the woke up, yeah I woke up
Now It's time to focus, It's up to you to show up
Haters talking they don't know us, stressed out so I roll up
Don't know where I woke up, never change the woke up

[Verse 1]
Wipe all the tears on my rockstar skinny jeans (yeah)
I might get it cause I want it, that's by any means (ooh)
Cause I don't want a lot of friends, I don't want enemies
Middle finger to the bitches that are dead to me (oh)
Oh yeah that'd be the worse case
Why you tryna diss me, what's the purpose? (yeah yeah yeah)
Rollin' on a bean and I'm nervous
No sleep in tonight, yeah we workin' (yeah)
This bitch please tryna call by the number (number)
Making one a time in the summer (summer)
I want 'rarries I don't want no Hummer (Hummer)
She said that she love me so I dumped her
Momma told me "stay away from fake ass hoes"
I said "I don't care and I just want to make that dough" (make that dough)
I can tell which people are my friends or my foes (oh yeah)
This is underneath my sleep and I don't wanna fold

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