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90's kids - Classic

You and i
We're only nineteen
But you're stuck inside my head like my favorite record

I walk to you, you step to me
This floor beneath us crumbling
But i wouldn't change it

Your song is playing on repeat
I'll wait for you to wait for me
(i'll wait for you to wait for me)
You know you're so exotic
With the way you move
Skinny jeans and converse
I think i'm into you

And i've been looking for somebody as classic as you
Got me feeling like a kid again the way that you do
Because you're so hypnotic
I think i'm into you
You got me into you

Lately, i've been thinking about you
And i wonder if you're dreaming of me
Dreaming next to you

I love the way you look at me
Your eyes are like a luxury
So won't you keep me company?

I'm standing in the rain again
I'll wait for you to let me in
(i'll wait for you to let me in)You might also like