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8Ball & MJG - You Don't Want Drama

[Intro - P. Diddy]
Yeah, it's Bad Boy South Niggas, Ball and G
Orange Mound, the moment you been waitin' for
Collaboration, c'mon now
Let's go, let's go, let's so, c'mon

[Verse 1 - 8Ball]
Straight from the underground, fat boy from the mound
Spit it how I live it, keep it gutter, that's how we get down
I wanna see you get it crunk, let a nigga know what hood you from
Eveybody wit me drunk as fuck, break it down, then roll it up
Back it up, a girl like you, a nigga like me can't pass it up
Rollin' by, lookin' good, put it in reverse then back it up
What's the deal, let me make it clear what you got right here
They broke the mold, one of a kind, fat boy witta gold mouth that shine
Hard to touch, sorry to tell you, boys out here ain't hard as us
Ball and G, part of the streets, cuz the streets are a part of us
Lay it down, please remember, games we don't play them now
Disrespect, please remember, stains we gon spray them round

Buss a nigga head, smack a ho, shoot the club up
Buss a nigga head, smack a ho, shoot the club up

Bitch, nigga!
Bitch, nigga!
Bitch, nigga!

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