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88GLAM - Bali

[Intro: Derek Wise]
Time to turn the heat up like it's Bali
Throwin' all these bands while we in Follies
Horseman on my emblem, but it's headless
Roof gone, now we drivin' down to Venice

[Chorus: 88Camino]
She so good at what she do, I might bust a move
Jaw been on a lock while I sprinkle molly rock
How come when I'm comin' down's the only time you need me?
How come when I'm poppin' is the only time you see me?
She so good at what she do, ain't no room for talkin'
Ain't no room for talkin', ain't no room for talkin'
Mixin' tinted liquor, I ain't fuckin' with no white shit
I don't trust an opp, so many photos that I cropped

[Verse 1: Derek Wise]
DNA, trappin' in my genes, yeah
Bought myself a pair of Balmain jeans, yeah
'Member when I traveled with that ball? Yeah
'Member when I sold them that rerock? Yeah
Mixing up that Raf with that Margiela
Walkin' past my ex, now she get jealous
Wait, hold on, had to put down on that 'Rari
Wait, hold on, did that VLONE like I'm Bari

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