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36 Crazyfists - Destroy The Map

You couldn t hold your mouth to stop the sound,
with all these riches on the tip of your tongue,
and I was trying to dampen it all out.

You were talking louder than I should here,
producing nothing but all these mirrors,
and I was trying to play it all down.

With eyes of blood,
these kisses won t rust.
Where the baptized drown,
we used to breathe.

Underneath the red,
come running back to me.

Sad song, so wrong,
your body shakes for so long,
towing me down.
Let s just stay late,
a safe bet for second place.
This time, our time, we have, we ll last.

That evil, a brutal sickness brings,
at times you can t let go
it chases you from everything.
To settle for almost anything,
it s times like these
when you should only choose just not to speak.

And the clouds don t break when the sun is on empty.

Raithon Clay of Plans To Make Perfect - Additional vocals on this song.

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