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2Pac - Skandalouz (ft. Nate Dogg)

[Intro: 2Pac & Nate Dogg]
Hey Nate, you know you got the vocals on this motherfucker
We finna talk about these scandalous hoes
I can talk about scandalous bitches
I know you can!
I know you, that's why we finna do it
Daz on the beat
Hey Daz, nigga, stop fuckin' around with the piano, nigga
Just drop that shit like uhh, this here

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
I met you through my homie, now you act like you don't know me
So disappointed 'cause baby that shit was so phoney
It's not for me, you see no lovin' from my closest homies
Woulda paid you no mind, but baby, you was all up on me
While you proceed with precision, you had the table hosed
No, I ain't mad at you, baby, go 'head and play them fools
They chose not to listen, so now he stuck inside his house
And can't leave without his bitch permission
The mission's to be a playa, my alias is Boss
Drop a top on these jealous niggas, playa, let me floss
Y'all don't wanna see me in pain
I'll leave that ass like Toni Braxton, never breathin' again
It's scandalous, I never liked your backstabbin' ass, trick
Used to watch you money grabbin', who you baggin', bitch?
Ready to bust, in the city, you don't know who to trust
But bitches lookin' scandalous

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