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2Pac - Ambitionz az a Ridah

I won't deny it, I'm a straight ridah
You don't wanna fuck with me
Got the police bustin' at me
But they can't do nothin' to a G
Let's get ready to rumble!

Now, you know how we do it, like a G
What really go on in the mind of a nigga
That get down for theirs
Constantly, money over bitches
Not bitches over money
Stay on your grind, nigga
My ambitions as a ridah
My ambitions as a ridah

[Verse 1]
So many battlefield scars while driven in plush cars
This life as a rap star is nothin' without guard
Was born rough and rugged, addressin' the mass public
My attitude was "fuck it," 'cause motherfuckers love it
To be a soldier, must maintain composure at ease
Though life is complicated, only what you make it to be
Uh, and my ambitions as a ridah
To catch her while she hot and horny, go up inside her
Then I spit some game in her ear, "Go to the telly, ho!"
Equipped with money in a Benz 'cause, bitch, I'm barely broke
I'm smokin' bomb-ass weed, feelin' Crucial
From player to player, the game's tight, the feeling's mutual
From hustlin' and prayers to breakin' motherfuckers to pay up
I got no time for these bitches, 'cause these hoes try to play us
I'm on a meal ticket mission, want a mil' so I'm wishin'
Competition got me ripped on that bullshit they stressin' (Booyah)
I'ma rhyme though, clown hoes like it's mandatory
No guts, no glory, my nigga, bitch got the game distorted
Now it's on and it's on because I said so
Can't trust a bitch in the business so I got with Death Row
Now these money-hungry bitches gettin' suspicious
Started plottin' and plannin' on a scheme to come and twist us
But thug niggas be on point and game tight (Yeah)
Me, Syke and Bogart strapped up the same night
Got problems, then handle it, motherfuckers see me
These niggas is jealous
'Cause deep in the hearts they wanna be me
Uh, yeah, and now you got me right beside ya, hopin' you listen
I catch you payin' attention to my ambitions as a ridah

The first song on 2Pac’s 2 CD opus All Eyez On Me Apparently this was the first song he recorded as soon as he was out of jail. This song acts as a prelude to Pac’s changing attitudes from being a political commentator to just a violent thug

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