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And uh, mmm, mmm (Is this loud enough?)
Just a lil' bit
Can you turn my headphones up? (Yup)
D.A. got that dope

Dropped outta college, but bitch, I'm still ballin'
I know that you jealous a little bit
She seen my picture and heard I'm a singer
If I pull it out, then she kissin' it
I'm taking chances and chasing advances
If life is a bet, then I'm riskin' it
Skrrt off the block in a Fisker whip
You know that I had to figure it out
What would you do for the clout? (Clout)
Dropped outta college, but bitch, I'm still ballin'
I know that you jealous a little bit

Cry to your mama
You don't want no drama
Even as a kid you was sensitive
Flex on the 'Gram, you ain't really rich
Everyone know that you rented it
Money, I'm countin' for twenty-four hours
It's harder to save when it's comin' in
Can't make a clone 'cause I'm one-of-one
Lil' boy, you ain't even one of them
I hit the Bowflex, got my muscle up
Two twins, tell 'em double dutch
Two twins, had to double cup
And they both dance, told 'em, "Fuck it up"
Frostbite, Fortnite
Foreign cars on a foreign line
Foreign broads and they all fine
Yeah, yeah, yeah, they all mine
Switch it up, money dance
Workin' smart, makin' bands
Tryna see you drop and get naked, yeah
Ten, ten, twenties, baby, tryna see you shake it, yeah