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21 Savage - X (feat. Future)

[Intro: 21 Savage]
Ten bad bitches in a mansion
Wrist on Milly Rock, them diamonds on me dancin'
When you workin' hard, then your money start expandin'
I got model bitches wanna lick me like some candy
And them drugs come in handy
Last name Savage, bitch, but no, I'm not Randy
Hit her with no condom, had to make her eat a Plan B
And I'm sippin' on that codeine, not Brandy (21)

[Chorus: 21 Savage]
Hah (Hah) I'm just stuntin' on my ex-bitch (Hah)
Huh (Hol' up) I'm just flexin' on my ex-bitch (Hah)
Hol' up, I'm just stuntin' on my ex-bitch (Hol' up)
Hol' up (Hol' up) I'm just flexin' on my ex-bitch (21, 21, 21)
Fuck a wedding ring, I bought a necklace (21, 21)
Diamonds got the flu, try not to catch this (21, 21)
I left that ho alone 'cause she was ratchet (Hah, woah, woah)
All these bitches salty, they can't stand me (Hah, woah)

[Verse 1: 21 Savage & Future]
Flexin' on that bitch, hol' up (Flexin' on that bitch)
Bought a necklace on that bitch, hol' up (21, 21)
Her friend gon' lick me like a fruit roll up (Roll, up, roll up)
She in her feelings on the 'Gram, grow up (Bandz)
21! Flexin' on that bitch, hol' up (Hol' up)
I ain't textin' back that bitch, hol' up (No way, no way)
I ain't stressin' bout that bitch, hol' up (Savage)
21 gon' get the stick, hol' up
Hol' up, hol' up, bitch I like to ball (Like to ball)
Hol' up, hol' up, without no weave, you bald
Hol' up, bitch I spent your rent inside the mall (21, 21)
Hol' up, she got a nigga, but he broke, she lost (Savage)
Hol' up, at this private location
Hol' up, put her back in rotation (Woo)
Hol' up, bitches on me, immigration
Hol' up, goin' through the translations

For “X,” Savage teams up with fellow Atlanta rapper Future, making an up-tempo hit. The eerie, high bass instrumental is courtesy of Metro Boomin, this track is part of their collaboration EP, Savage Mode.

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