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21 Savage - snitches and rats (feat. young nudy)

[Intro: 21 Savage & Future]
Yeah, huh, ya, ya
Ya, ya, ya, ya
Ya, ya, ya (If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you)

[Chorus: 21 Savage]
Snitches and rats, snitches and rats
Snitches and rats, they all get whacked (Pussy)
He told on his brother (Pussy), his brother told back (Pussy)
They say that they twins, we call them Siamese rats (On God)
Snitches and rats (21), snitches and rats (21)
We snatchin' your jewelry (On God) and takin' your pack (Lil' bitch)
Snitches and rats (Pussy), snitches and rats (Pussy)
We cut off his tail and put slugs in his hat (Facts)

[Verse 1: 21 Savage]
You talk on the internet, we talk in the street (21)
Kel-Tec .223, like D-Wade, I love my heat (21)
Glock 19 in the booth, it's on the seat (Pussy)
Black Air Force 1s in the field, thеm my cleats (Pussy)
Caught a rap nigga down bad
Now his ass in a body bag (Big facts)
Sound real tough when you makin' thеm songs
Where the fuck is your bodies at? (Pussy)
Say you want smoke with that Big 4L (21)
Where the fuck is your 'partments at? (21)
Been stepped on them, they ain't talkin' 'bout shit (Pussy)
Them niggas a welcome mat
Shawty was speakin' them facts (On God)
Shawty ain't talkin' to rats (On God)
Niggas know Nudy my twin
Playin' with cuz, a nigga get whacked (Facts)
You ain't gon' slide, you a ho, dawg (Pussy)
Spinned a nigga block, then we rode off (Pussy)
Young COUPE tryna up the score, dawg
Chevy was busy, so I took 4 God (21)

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