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21 Savage - RIP Luv

Yeah, rest in peace to love
October 22nd, 1992
July 8th, 2009 (Zaytoven)
You will be missed forever (Metro Boomin wants some more, nigga)

Rest in peace to love, I gave up a long time ago (Long time ago, straight up)
Hard times, everybody left, I'm the one you counted on (I'm the one you counted on, 21)
My shoulder took a lot of tears, woulda swore it was a fountain on (Shit brazy)
I be cryin' on the inside and smilin' when the cameras on (On God)

[Verse 1]
Woulda never went against you ever (21)
I even tried to make the grudge settle (Straight up)
Yeah, I heard that you slept with a couple fellas (Straight up)
Still treated you like a virgin because I know you better (On God)
When she suck it, take my soul, she a whole devil (21)
Bought a Wagon then I covered it with rose petals (Skrrt)
She didn't think I was romantic 'cause I'm so ghetto
Got a Patek and a Birkin, it was fundamental
Then the situation took a U-turn (Fuck)
Foundation crumbled and the roof burned (21)
I ain't perfect, I was slidin' like a earthworm, loco
But I never, ever brought the dirt home (On God)
Man, we both played each other, you was worse, though (21)
Always blamin' me because I did it first, though (21)
You started sleepin' with your phone in your purse, though
And you had that pussy nigga fragrance on your skirt, ho (Punk bitch)

On “RIP Luv,” Savage gives a heartfelt performance about his disillusion with romantic love. However, it also deals with the pain in his heart from the friends and fellow gang members that he has lost. He raps about how he has to puts on a show when he is in public despite being miserable mentally. The song’s somber production and introspective lyrics are reminiscent of Savage’s December 2018 standout track, “ball w/o you.” Also, 21 Savage and Metro Boomin notably reunite with Zaytoven, whom they have both worked with regularly throughout their respective careers.

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