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21 Savage - Ocean Drive

21, yeah
Real street shit
Know what I'm sayin'?
Young nigga done been through some shit man
Now a young nigga on top man
But I still got that Glock man
Still let that motherfucker pop man

[Verse 1]
See Savage he be with them apes
Play with this shit, you get ate
Bitch I be covered in Bape
Bitch I be covered in Bape
You know I keep me a K
You know I keep me a Draco
Wrap a nigga like an eggroll
Big bullets leave a big hole
I was raised by the G code
Don't bend, nigga don't fold
My uncle taught me how to scrape the bowl
And my auntie still smokin' blow
Came from nothin', nigga we was poor
Eviction notices all on the door
Take out trash for some school clothes
I'm the one that the streets chose

In this song, 21 gives bars about his rags to riches lifestyle and how his hood personality has stayed with him.

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